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Cold and Heat Resistance

GSE-46 Thermoplastic Elastomer is a excellent heatproof, shrinkage resistance, compression set and scratch proof material.

Cold and Heat Resistance Plastic Material

Shock Proof

NB-1 thermoplastic elastomer can reduce vibration and absorb impact energy. It is used as a master batch in all sorts of plastic and rubber to reduce impact damage and absorb vibration.

Shock Proof Plastic Material

Hard Board

GSE-101 Thermoplastic Elastomer

Hard Board Plastic Material


Thermoplastic Elastomer GSE-99 can be mix with variety of plastic materials such as EVA, PE, EPDM and POE. When GSE-99 is mix throughout the injection or extrusion machine it will help produce great foaming products. Moreover improve on electrostatic resistant, enhance abrasion ability, impact and slip resistance, and help make pigment easy. With adjustment on the proportion of materials it can make rubber like product. GSE-99 also is widely applied on home appliance, sport goods and electronic products.

Anti-Electrostatic Plastic Material