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Professional Plastic Material Manufacturer

To turn around the abnormal market phenomenon, Your Chain Co. an experienced company in rubber industry, devoted its whole effort on researching and developing world-class high performance materials. To better the industry, recently it launched products of GSE that perform well with impact resistance, anti-static, low temperature performance, and high resiliency.

By applying our own unique method for plastic making process that resulted in certain plastic properties and performance, Victory General has use them to bridge and make compensation on the cracks between rubber and plastic thus reach the world standard and meet the demands of the latest materials for environmental protection.

Our Strength

Your Chain Co. has established itself a position on the globe by working with world renowned Chemical companies. We filled the gap between those big companies and their middle-end markets, connect the upstream factory and downstream processing factory to satisfy the market demands of general plastic and synthetic plastic.

Enhancement and Innovation

Victory General Technology Co. and Your Chain Co. is the most professional and diverse plastic compound and plastic material enterprise in Taiwan.

Currently, the new products we researched and developed has caught the attention of European, American and Japanese brands and are aggressively working with them. In less than no time, the customers worldwide can use the materials researched and developed by Your Chain Co.