It is used as a master batch in all sorts of plastic and rubber to reduce impact damage and absorb vibration and impact
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NB-1 Damping Cell Rubber

It is used as a master batch in all sorts of plastic and rubber to reduce impact damage and absorb vibration and impact

NB-1 TPE modifier for impact absorbent


Impact absorbent with vibration reducing ability

Do you need to improve and enhance your foam sheet, shoe sole, shoe components or foaming items for impact absorbent and vibration reduction? 

Our NB-1 TPE modifier is your solution to have your shoe sole, foam sheet, or shoe components that use DCP crosslink foaming to have impact absorption and vibration reducing ability.

Description: NB-1 is a thermoplastic impact absorbent pellets which can be apply for absorbing vibration and high energy impact. It can be mix with all sorts of plastic rubber mixture or apply onto all types of thermoplastic rubber and synthetic resin for absorbing impact, reduce virbration and lowering impact.

Form: Pellet
Color: Natural (white)
Packing: 25 kg /Bag

The properties Analysis

PropertiesUnitTest StandardNB-1
Hardness A ASTM 2240 67±2
Density g/cm3 ASTM 792 1.1~1.3
MI(150°C 2.16Kg) g/10min ASTM D1238 1.4~3.0


  • Does not contain Tin nor Organotin and meet the requirement of EU and other brand merchants.
  • Excellent performance on low temperature environment where its foam products do not become harden. At room temperture of 25℃ its vibration absorption ability is at its greatest.
  • Foamed NB-1 have good compression set even after high energy impact.
  • Foamed NB-1 is suitable for all kinds of environment with different type of formula specifically designed to perform great vibration absorbion function for temperature ranging from -20℃ to 45℃.
  • NB-1 material can still maintain its excellent vibration aborbing ability while filling agent has been added into the formula.

Special Note

In order to achieve full physical properties a very small proportion amount of cross link (additive) agent VG-301 will need to be add into your NB-1 formulation.


  • NB-1 can be used as a modifier of vibration and impact absorption for EVA, PE, POE and rubber those of which use DCP crosslinking for foaming.
  • In direct injection crossing foam, it can make the shirkage smaller and stablie. It also can use NB-1 with our another product, GSE-36, in different ratio to make viberation absorption foam in different working temperature .
  • This formulation can balance between excellent vibration absorption, soft touch feeling and adequate rebound.


SGS certificated of Eight Heavy Metal Free (Report No: TE/2011/30244)

SGS certificated of Halegon Free (Report No: TE/2011/30244)

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