A thermoplastic ealstomer that can be used in various kind of rubber, EVA, and PE to improve product resistance to impact, abrasion, anti-slippery and cold endurance
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GSE-41 Thermoplastic Elastomer

A thermoplastic ealstomer that can be used in various kind of rubber, EVA, and PE to improve product resistance to impact, abrasion, anti-slippery and cold endurance

Do you ever wonder whether your EVA scrap can be salvage and even reuse by turning them back into resuable materials?

Our GSE-41 can help you achieve such a desire by applying our patented material to turn your EVA scarp back to life and be able to use them again for your production.

Just imagine how much money can be saved by using our GSE products.

GSE-41 TPE modifier for low temperature elastic retaining performance

Anti-abrasion, impact resistance and low temperature elastic retaining performance

Do you also want to improve and enhance your foam sheet, shoe sole, shoe components or foaming items for anti-abrasion, impact resistance and low temperature elastic retaining  performance.

Our GSE-41 TPE modifier is your solution to have your shoe sole, foam sheet, or shoe components that use DCP crosslink foaming to protect from anti-abrasion, low temperature elastic retaining performance while having great compression set and some impact resistance.

The GSE-41 is a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) modifier that can be applied onto various With addition of EVA scrap transferring ability

Form: Pellet
Color: Natural (white)
Packing: 25 kg /Bag

The properties Analysis

PropertiesUnitTest StandardGSE-40
Hardness A ASTM 2240 41±2
Density g/cm3 ASTM 792 1.06
MI(190°C 2.16Kg? g/10min ASTM D1238 3.47


  • An improved version of GSE-40 TPE modifier with better performance and properties.
  • Upon use it can improve and smooth out the surface of the finished product by reducing its wrinkling phenomenon.
  • It features greater properties on low density, better softness, and excellent feel plus anti-slippery.. 
  • The finished product of GSE-41 TPE modifier can be evenly matched with NEOPRENE products.
  • Can replace the use of IR synthetic adhesive that was applied on EVA or other rubber items.


  • To avoid pellet becoming viscidly, please store in cool place with no direct sun light under temperature of 50°C.
  • Avoid fire and heat.
  • Please seal the interior packaging bag for preservation purposes, if additive wasn't used up.


  • This TPE material is applicable to shoe components, toys, and packaging which of those that needs softer and more elastic goods. More recommandation can be TPR sole, sports TPR sole, injection TPR sole, or Yoga mat TPE. Plus EVA scarp transfering. 

Special Note

  • In order to achieve full physical properties a very small proportion amount of cross link (additive) agent VG-301 will need to be add into your GSE-40 formulation.

  • For applying GSE-40 as EVA scrap transferring an addition of small portion of our YC-100 might need to be added.

  • Certification

    SGS certificated of EU standard test

    SGS Certificated of PAHs free (No KE/2008/A3468A-01)

    Environment Protection

    GSE-41 is useful for EVA, PE, POE foam scrap recycling. It can recycle 100% scrap without wasting any material. Not only this is an important breakthrough in cross linked foaming material, but also well into the range of green material concept.

    Storage condition:

    • Keep in cool place without direct sun light; store it below temperature 50°C.
    • Keep out of heat and fire areas.
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