Victory General Technology has developed plastic compound material GSE-46 that provides heatproof shrinkage, compression set and scratch proof.
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GSE-46 Thermoplastic Elastomer

Victory General Technology has developed plastic compound material GSE-46 that provides heatproof shrinkage, compression set and scratch proof.


GSE-46 is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) modifier developed for creating high rebounding ability, cold endurance for maintaining materials elasticity under cold temperature, superior heat shrinkage resistance and great compression set.

Form: Pellet
Color: Natural (white)
Packing: 25 kg /Bag

The properties Analysis

PropertiesUnitGSE-46Test Standard
Density g/cm 0.95~1.1 ASTM 792
Hardness Shore A 60 ±2 ASTM 2240
MI g/10min 4.0~5.0 ASTM D1238
Tensile strength kg/cm 6.9 ASTM D412
Tear strength kg/cm 4.07 ASTM D624
Elongation % 412 ASTM D412
Anti-yellowing series

Material test   Without PVC FTIR & DSC
Material test ppm Without eight kinds of Heavy Metal  


  • GSE-46 TPE modifier is highly compatible with all kinds of rubber and plastics, with different base polymers it can be formulated into various feature and functional products.  
  • It can replace EPDM in EVA and rubber foam mixing. GSE-36 showed its advantages especially in direct injection cross linking foam processing, it can help obtain lower shrinkage rate and increase softness.
  • Another great advanatage of GSE-46 is that it can maintain elasticity and softness at -20°C, this can be advantageous and helpful especially to products that will be use in cold weather areas.
  • GSE-46 TPE modifier is well suited to be applied in creating products such as sporting goods, shoes, protecting devices, toys and medical care accessories which need softness, comfy, excellent feel, and high level of elasticity.


  • GSE-46 possessed elasticity of rubber and great touching feeling.
  • GSE-46 adhesive ability will not be effected by increased in quantity used.
  • GSE-46 can apply with EVA, LDPE, POE and EPDM etc to achieve different product properties.
  • GSE-46 can collocate with foaming related products for improving heat shrinkage resistance ability, creating better compression set performance, and elevate rebounding ability, achieving customers desired mechanical properties with right proportional amount added.

In order to achieve full physical properties a very small proportion amount of cross link (additive) agent VG-301 will need to be add into your GSE-46 formulation.



  • SGS certificated of Eight Heavy Metal Free (Report No. TE/2015/40265A1)
  • SGS certificated of PAHs & 14P free (Report No. TE/2015/40265A1)

Environment Protection

GSE-46 is well into concept of green material's trend by revolutionized cross link foaming, when added it into EVA, PE, and POE's foam scrap it can revitalized 100% of them into reusable materials, thus recycle 100% otherwise scrap waste.

Storage condition:

  • Keep in cool place with no direct sun light and store it below temperature of 50°C.
  • Keep out of fire and heat area.
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